Wesdome Next Kiena Update – What to Watch

The last time Wesdome updated the market with Kiena exploration results was on January 28, 2019. Back then it was determined that there was extensions in excess of 50m on both the up and down plunges. In particular, the takeaway from the last press release indicated an increasing confidence in the up-plunge with visibility of 425m when it stated:

“This up plunge extension is understood to be in excess of 425 metres and would be in addition to the 500 metres of plunge length already defined by drilling. This has the potential to significantly add to the resource base, and could be a vital enhancement in any restart scenario.

As we get closer to the next exploration results, the focus will be around the up-plunge extensions. I will be paying particular attention to holes 6404 (VG) as well as 6405 and 6399 – which are pending up-plunge holes from the last update.

Additionally, any new holes that are released from the 670m level. What I would like to see is continued continuity in the up-plunge and further progress in the theory that the A-Zone connects up to the VC Zone. This will be accomplished with further confirmed extensions of the up-plunge towards the 425m target visibility.

As for infilling and down plunge, these are holes that have results pending from the last update:

6419 VG

6406 VG

6396 VG

6408 VG

6410 VG






See below for reference to these outstanding holes.

Of course, any additional holes from the 1050m level exploration ramp as well as any confirmed down plunge extensions will also be welcomed.

Stay tuned, an update will be out soon enough.

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