Notable Public Calls

Since I have a lot of new followers on Twitter and on this blog site who may not be familiar with some of my past work, I have decided to put together this post of some of my notable ideas for easier access.

$KL | Kirkland Lake Gold | Profiled extensively at the $5-7 US price. Today it trades over $45.

$WDO.TO | Wesdome Gold Mines | Profiled extensively in May of 2018 when it was trading at $1.50 US and Kiena valuation was not priced in to the stock. Today it is trading north of $6 US.

Atlantic Gold | Acquired | Profiled extensively prior to commercial production at Moose River Consolidated at around $1-1.20 US. Wrote this article in January 2019: It was then promptly acquired by St. Barbara a few months later in May of 2019 for $2.90 CAD in cash, or $2.20 US.

3 thoughts on “Notable Public Calls

  1. Word, Luis. Your calls have been all-star and I sincerely appreciate your analysis. Its great to get your quarterly updates too since they do a great job of breaking down “expectations” into the concrete that non-experts can digest. I’ve rung the jar once and expect to do more as a token of my appreciation. Anyone else following Luis should do likewise — karma and all.


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