MVIS – GDXJ Rebalace Q1

What a dreadful week.

I’ll leave you with the latest MVIS GDXJ rebalance for Q1 effective at the close March 20, 2020.

After the brutal performance of the index and utter collapse, I’ll save myself the pain from writing any further and giving it any expsoure.

6 thoughts on “MVIS – GDXJ Rebalace Q1

  1. I see Great Bear was added. Does that mean they have already acquired the required shares for it? Honestly I get confused at times with the timing of these rebalances

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  2. Luis, Interestingly. EQX is scheduled for inclusion…

    EQX is about to complete the merger with Leagold and will have circa 219m shares outstanding.

    However, in the shares outstanding column of the MVIS spreadsheet they EQX shares outstanding at 150m (ie pre merger)…perhaps that means they have to buy more??

    Chin up- im down 50% from a few weeks ago. Spewing!!! Cest la vie.

    Thanks the write ups.



  3. Hi Luis,

    Thanks for this.

    I did not expect to see gold falling to $1,500. I don’t want to say it but at this point it looks like it could test $1,350.

    I couldn’t believe that it would sell off the way it did! As per the media, when there is panic selling, EVERYTHING including gold is sold indiscriminately to raise cash.

    Hopefully this will not last too long but with COVID-15 ramping up it will probably get worse. If the price falls below $1,200 for long, some of our miners will be struggling.

    Good luck to us all!

    Bert Applegath



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