Minera Alamos Update on Santana – 🎡 Oh So Smooth πŸŽ΅

Minera out with solid news this morning. Another extension at Santana Nico deposit. Hole 141 was 100m SW extension of the last big hole (134) that moved the stock considerably. Hole 141 came in at an impressive 202m of .51 g/t gold hole starting at surface and ending in mineralization (just like hole 134 did which ended in mineralization).

This hole was nicely comparable to 134 (248m of .60 g/t) BUT more importantly confirms the mineralized extensions at Santana and at depth of hole 134. This development continues to bode favorably to the continued scale potential of the deposit narrative.

The resource augmentation continues, which you can see on the chart that follows. The red outline is reflecting an increasing resource shape and boundaries, thus stepping up potential resource estimates.

Within the press release, there was an update on next phase of drilling and it was nice to see. It shows the abundance of targets to choose from and clearly reflects the internally increasing confidence of hitting additional Nico style mineralization. To that end, Darren stated regarding the exploration potential β€œeven a few of these new targets exhibit the potential we have now seen at Nicho it will be a transformative event for the Santana project and its future growth potential.”

Hole 135, Divisadero, was also nice to see from the standpoint of future potential. Divisadero continues to be a high priority future target and this one hole returned mineralization. Minera is examining the shape / geometry of this and preparing an access road there to get better positioned for the drill program there.

Here are the targets.

Here is today’s news release: https://www.mineraalamos.com/site/assets/files/3986/2020-06-10-nr-mai-inin220ghtwa.pdf

Bottom line: Rate of change of the story is improving. Clicking on all cylinders just in time when it is about to go into production and we now have a resource growth tailwind to the exploration story. Up and to the right.

Disclaimer and Disclosures:

I own the stock. Therefore, I have an inherent bias.

I am not a certified investment professional nor a geologist. Assume everything I say herein is wrong. In fact, I am wrong more often than right. Please do your own due diligence and consult with your own investment advisor. Do not buy or sell on anything contained in this write up herein. None of this is a recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell.

I did not receive any compensation for this blog post. I did not receive any compensation from the company mentioned.

The content contained herein is strictly my opinion only. I do not warrant to the accuracy of the content or whether this is a suitable investment and disclaim any responsibility.

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