Corvus Gold Announces New Oxide Gold Discovery

Flash Update

Corvus Gold (KOR: TSX | CORVF: OTCQX) this morning announced another new oxide Gold discovery 2.5km north of the Mother Lode deposit, with broad intercept of 197m @ .44 g/t. The intercept also included intervals of 44m @ .90 g/t and 20m @ .74 g/t. This development has now opened up another target 3km to the west of the Lynnda strip discovery at Twisted Canyon. It also enhances the Mother Lode belt further, validating the district scale thesis around Silicon.

With two additional targets to the east of Anglo’s Silicon, in addition to the latest discovery at the Lynnda Strip to the South as well as the additional target at the Twisted Canyon, Corvus continues to prove up and demonstrate the potential for the amalgamation of the NBF-ML-Silicon district thesis.

The new discovery is timely. From a technical point of view, the chart is hovering just below all time highs within a multi-year base at a time when Gold is trading north of $1800.

The discovery is also a very nice bonus while the market waits for an update on the CIZ progress. For more information on that, please refer to:


All the best.

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