Notable Public Calls

Since I have a lot of new followers on Twitter and on this blog site who may not be familiar with some of my past work, I have decided to put together this post of some of my notable ideas for easier access. $KL | Kirkland Lake Gold | Profiled extensively at the $5-7 US … Continue reading Notable Public Calls

Corvus Gold Update

Corvus Gold ($KOR.TO | $CORVF) latest bought deal financing, while poorly timed on my part when I tweeted back in August (, is turning out to be a blessing in disguise. The deal was below market at $2CAD (at the time announced it was $2.29) and that definitely stung a bunch of folks, including myself. … Continue reading Corvus Gold Update

Minera Alamos Update

Minera Alamos, MAI.V, the company I spoke about in an earlier blog post here, has been working quite nicely. Two projects are coming on line within the next 24 months, which is perfect timing as gold seems to be holding $1,500 and remains quite supportive. Santana will be the first, coming on line in … Continue reading Minera Alamos Update

Endeavour Mining – When Fundamentals and Technicals Align

Endeavour Mining is a name that I have been following for a long time, a name that I have been in and out of, but have not been able to profit from it. However, it has since resurfaced because I believe we are at a turning point in terms of fundamentals converging with a bullish … Continue reading Endeavour Mining – When Fundamentals and Technicals Align